An impatient, traveling businessman appears to be to have stumbled upon a grand fortune. As that guy in his room, a knock on the door announces the arrival of housekeeping. What greets his eyes however, isn't quite your typical broken down old female house slave. Rather the contrary, and in walks a damsel of face hole watering proportions…As this babe sets about her business, of gluttony race throughout the man's head…And as this guy watches her bow in front of him, those become irresistible…Overcome by craving, our businessman sets about showing this precious female servant exactly what that guy has in mind. Used to perverted guests on a regular basis, this babe begrudgingly obliges as this guy buries his wang balls unfathomable in her face. Then, this guy discloses his "bag of tricks" and our hawt, adult baby house girl quickly realizes that this is no usual visitor…

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The Visitor - FuckingDungeon

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