11 Jun 2012


Release Year: 2001

Studio: Insex

Cast: Molly Matthews

Genres: POWER PLAY, Bondage, Metal Bondage, Rope Bondage, Submission, Domination,Torture, Spanking, Group Bondage

Video language: English

He broke all of his promises, these to himself, and to her. But what are words? Vacant, thin as paper, a succession of petite wounds.
"You'll be a star," this chab said her. "A super model."
The photo discharge began like all the others, tedious in it is own way. Silken underware, corsets pressing the mounds up and mounded. Dreamy skin of a juvenile gal. At 1st, his mind wandered during the time that this guy focused the lens. But as this guy watched her throughout the tunnel of the camera, this guy felt odd, as though this chab had begun to fall. And the thought of falling intrigued him. He gained momentum, the fall becoming a thing in itself, seizing his hands, his arms. His foreskin. Looking throughout the round eye of the camera, this guy vibrated.


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