Jay Edwards - JEV-140 - D-Cup Discipline 06

Busty Asian porn star Kiana begins us off in Jay's play room. First she's bound standing below the wooden frame with rope tightly webbing her body and a belled ballgag filling her face hole. After clamping her nipps, Jay hoists one of her ankles up parallel to the floor and leaves her to struggle. Next she's elbow-bound on a tall stool during the time that Jay scratches and squeezes her roped mangos! Lovely Alexis is up next with 3 sexy scenes. First she's tied standing animalism the foot of the couch so Jay can clutch her globes and her body...from the look on her face we can tell this scene is tough for her but that babe wishes greater amount! After that that babe acquires a super-strict, elbows-together strappado with a restraint panel-gag, then a great chair tie that culminates with one of her ankles suspended in the air. The huge titties in this clip belong to Summer, so it's appropriate that hers receive the harshest treatment! Jay grasps and clutches animalism her mammoth mammaries, slapping em jointly whilst that babe groans and moans so delightfully! He wraps rope tightly around every breast and gags her awaiting throat with a BIGGEST packing cloth. Hot! Finally, Jay carries miniature, yet top-heavy, Autumn into the room for 2 of the toughest, tightest restraint bondage scenes you'll ever watch her in! The clamps this guy puts on her teats leave her jumping and groaning in frustration...but there's no relief to be had for her bewitching D-cups!

Format: real

Duration: 1:31:17

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Jay Edwards - JEV-140 - D-Cup Discipline 06

File size: 297.7 MB

Jay Edwards - JEV-140 - D-Cup Discipline 06

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