This week DungeonCorp is lewd to bring u Part One of a 2 part location storyline discharge: "Prowler". Enjoy!... Southern California is full of pleasant, independent ladies. Such is the case with Maia, a dazzling, youthful blond, out for a leisurely jog. After a wonderful workout, this babe comes home to her quiet house for a adult baby nifty down time. Unbeknownst to her however... there's anybody else inside. A phat, refreshing gulp is just the ticket on a hawt day. And then maybe a shower... and as that babe makes her way to acquire freshened up, the stranger springs... What happens next is a whirlwind of events as Maia finds herself in this intruder's grasp. She knows not who this madman is, but this babe has a feeling that this babe had more excellent comply.

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Maia Davis (11 May 2012) FuckingDungeon

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