Release Year: 2009

Cast: Goldie

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Bondage, Fetish, Black

Video language: English

21 year old Goldie is Into The Attic on one of the strangest visits yet. I wasn't sure Goldie would desire to come back to watch us after that final discharge but then this babe tells me it was one of her favorites! Let's watch if we can change that. Follow me...
Things begin off with Goldie standing in the centre of the room fully clothed. She looks cuter every time this babe comes out to watch us. This time was no exception; wearing adult baby shorts and a miniature, constricted dominant with her hair fixed in yet some recent style, another time. She's said to disrobe. We see her undress down and watch that babe has some hawt pants and brassiere beneath. After she's exposed she's thrown a ball gag, a large one, and said to gag herself with it. I warn her it more excellent be in taut. Once gagged she's said to pick up the bottle of Karo syrup and acquire into the bucket sitting next to her. Then she's said to pour the syrup over her head. When this babe isn't getting sufficiently volume out of the bottle I step in and aid her with it. I squeeze the container and heave the syrup out in a huge quantity, in her hair, over her head and down her face and shoulders. Then she's said to smear it over the whole surface of her body. When I watch that this babe is missing her anus I have her turn around, bow over and smear the syrup all over that poop chute. Then I grab an arse hook and push it in there, restraint bondage it off animal training her neck. Oh my god, that syrup is sticky. Next I have Goldie acquire into the Clear Cage which has been hanging off the ground behind her. Once inside I have her squat down into it. Then I dump a bag full of down feathers inside the cage and over the dom of her head. Once the lid is closed and secured she's said to action like the agitator of a washing machine and widen these feathers all around. Again, noticing that anal opening needs further attention in spite of the hook stuck in it, she's said to cram her anus against the glass so we can watch it more excellent. Then I tell her to grab a handful of feathers and stick em to it. Like a younger partner booty. Um, I think we just tarred and feathered a, um, Goldie. After absolutely objectifying her in the cage she's said to receive out. Get out so I can put her into a strappado. With the arse hook still stuck up her bum I brought her elbows and wrists jointly and then cinched these up high to the ceiling. This brought her upper body down toward the floor as her wrists are pulled up. Her ankles are then bound outward and in place. She's drooling massively out her huge red ball gag. A poignant feather stuck right on the center of the gag itself. She is so totally overspread in feathers u can't even tell who it is. Oh my, that babe is a mess, what with sticky syrup all over her, globs of slobber running out her face aperture and her body overspread in white down feathers. I begin a conversation with her one time she's tied into place. Checking in I ask her how she's been. At the same time I pour a wad of Karo syrup over the Hitachi and then rub it in a large pile of down feathers. When I pulled it back out it looked like a scepter of The Grand Chicken Lady. Once that featherized Hitachi slap that feather coated cum-hole that babe lost her marbles. I kept trying to have a conversation with her, talking to her, but this babe just couldn't talk back. I said her I didn't care about the ball gag and kept the Hitachi running but that babe wasn't able to communicate. She just kept having her knees wish to give out on her as that babe tried grunting and mumbling out some incoherent response. So I bound a rope around her neck and fastened that off to the ceiling. That should hold her. Then she's flogged and vibbed off until that babe implores for it to stop.

Format: asf

Duration: 49:10

Video: 868x480, Windows Media Video V8

Audio: 187kbps

Goldie - 06.25.2009

Goldie - 06.25.2009

File size: 1.1 GB

Goldie - 06.25.2009

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