04 Apr 2012

Release Year: 2011

Studio: QueenSnake

Video language: English

Thumbtack time another time. Queensnake's dreaded defiance, her very sensitive soles' torture. Her ordeal was unmerciful as ordinary - 1st that babe had to carry her pet snake wrapped around her neck walking along the thumbtack path. Next, this babe got blindfolded and had to walk along again.Then this babe had to place candles among the thumbtacks and lit em. She got her ankles fastened jointly and whilst walking on the tacks that babe had to discover the candles and extinguish em with her soles. Finally that babe was ordered to lay down on the tack path and Master trampled her with his large bawdy boots. Then this babe was allowed to cum, a lengthy, screamy, juicy, filthy one.


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