03 Apr 2012

Release Year: 2011

Studio: QueenSnake

Video language: English

Queensnake endures her hardest pain so far. She receives her large hypersensitive nipps pierced with half a dozen needles every - poked throughout not fast and as painfully as possible. Then a violet wand is applied, electroshocking all over her slender built body paying a peculiar attention to the needled areas. Needless (lol) to say that babe screams a lot. Stapleguns handle the scene in this part - 1st Queensnake receives an appetizer, her abdomen, breast, armpits and cum-hole acquires discharged with staples from a not many cms distance. Then these hardly any cms vanish and Master begins shooting staples into her muff lips sealing em jointly. When they are absolutely closed the violet wand appears once more for some precious tuning. Queensnake then tries if her cunt is actually water-tight - it turns out they are not actually. Queensnake likes to pump her breast and twat, regardless of being full of needles or not. This time the former is true, which causes some body fluids trickling and later flowing all over her body. Then that babe pulls the needles out from her teats and whilst doing this that babe applies her favourite red miracle massager on her stapled clitoris reaching some orgasms. Finally this babe pulls the staples out with an eyebrow movie then pours some alcoholics on her massacred flesh.


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