03 Apr 2012

Release Year: 2011

Studio: QueenSnake

Video language: English

Queensnake is ordered to stand above a horizontally placed catheter padded with thumbtacks, legs apart and on tiptoe. Some thumbtacks too were poured around her feet to make her greater quantity uncomfortable. Then four electrodes were attached to her hips to make her legs wriggle. Later a cattle prod were used to make her position greater quantity instable. Then Master tries to express his artistic inclination by shooting staples into Queensnake's glamorous athletic arse. The staples then receive a thrashing by several whips and crops which is also much for Queensnake - that babe not quite passes out. After that babe regains consciousness Master pulls the staples out using pliers.At the end Queensnake is allowed to perform a squirting big o.


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