Release Year: 2011

Cast: Naomi


Naomi discovered herself in the wrong place animal training the wrong time when JR hears a weak knock animal training the back door of his abode. When this guy opens the door that guy finds Naomi there inquiring as to whether this is the location of the bible study class. Of course it isn’t, but this guy invites her in in any case telling her that it of course is. She just now finds herself locked in a clear cage. JR goes and receives a water pantyhose and begins filling it up to the dominant. 30 minutes later Naomi has about half an inch of air betwixt the surface of the water and the locked shut lid of the cage. The water is absolutely over her head. She has to strain herself to acquire to the air supply. Often that babe holds her breath and sits down in the cage to relieve the stress the awkward position places her in. JR comes back outside with several fish and tosses em into the cage with her. He lays a bible opened on the dominant so this babe can study it during the time that soreness under the surface. Later this chab comes back out with a lengthy pantyhose so that babe can just sit beneath water since he’ll be leaving for awhile to receive one more cage for her. When this chab lastly does acquire her out this babe acquires placed right back into a different cage. This one is diminutive and that babe barely fits into it. Her head pokes throughout the dom and that’s all we can watch of her. JR then gags her with a ring gag so her face hole stays jacked open. He fetches some other cage now, one for her head. Once this guy acquires that one locked onto her this guy opens the adult baby door on dominant and pours 200 crickets down inside of it. She just now freaks. Her screams of fear fill the room. The crickets are jumping all over her head, into her ears and face hole. She is completely terrified. The screams become so piercing JR has to receive up and leave the room, leave her to suffer for awhile.

Format: asf

Duration: 44:29

Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 4882kbps

Audio: 375kbps

Wrong time (2011)

Wrong time (2011)

Wrong time (2011)

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Wrong time (2011)

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