Date: 16 February 2012

Lyla Storm is back on Hogtied. This glamorous 22yr old is tall, slender, tan, with giant nipps and a large throat. Long hot legs, a flawless booty and very pliant. This cutie was brawny for sex. Bound on the floor, severely arched back by a hair tie, Lyla is discovering just how intensive this position is. It's difficult for her to breathe or even gulp. Her back is protesting the extraordinary arch, but the sex-toy clamped down and stuck directly on her love button is taking her mind off things for a bit. We put suction cups on her massive nipps and double their size! We then clothespin her teats and pull em in the contradictory direction from where her body is being pulled. If this babe desires to the ache on her nipps, that babe has to arch back further. If this babe does that, it becomes even greater amount difficult for her to breathe. She's torture so much, can barely drink, and the sextoy is making her cum over and over. There's merely one greater amount thing to do after we rod her feet until her screams not quite deafen us, and that is a devastating, brutal skull fucking! We fuck Lyla's large face hole and mouth with impunity! There's nowhere for her to hide from the dong; the position is absolute. She can solely accept the shlong fucking back of her face hole - she's feeble to do everything but cum and engulf!

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Lyla Storm (17031) Hogtied

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