Holly appears to be in quite the conundrum... She's bound rough and taut, seated on the couch as Damon gropes her fur pie. He methodically manipulates her raiment, making sure all the right areas are stripped. He acquires her off to a quick begin as this guy 1st moistens up her cum-hole with his fingers, then buries a pole mounted vibrator unfathomable in her vagina as that guy stifles her screams... She's then flipped over on her stomach for easier access as this babe is tied and rigged from the rafters, hoisted high above as this babe is set into motion swinging to and fro. From under, Damon affixes clothes-pins to her flesh, not fast covering her marvelous love muffins. Then that guy brandishes the rod and works pleasant Holly's body over as that babe careens throughout the air. Her pang is not out of virtue however, award is just around the corner as that guy crams the wand against her clitoris. As every pin is removed, Holly is one step closer to big o... When this babe is arched over on her back, that babe cums furiously just previous to the slit stretcher is affixed. Damon adds a adult baby flavor to things though as this guy applies an electrical current to her bawdy cleft. And despite Holly's pleas, this guy runs her throughout her paces, giving her the shock of her life. Her screams fill the air, yet Damon persists and that babe is sent into a convulsive state... Taking it all a step further, Holly is then mounted and widen face down. Nipple clamps are attached and weighted and electricity is one time another time employed as Damon canes his sissy thoroughly. Holly's screams take on an ear splitting level when this chab receives to her exposed feet, and then this babe is worked to a blistering, orgasmic finale.

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Holly Wood (8 Feb 2012) SocietySM

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