Date: 8 February 2012

Shane Dos Santas is not from this planet. Or maybe this babe is but I pity the fellow who bonks her. Yes, pity. Sure, she's 18 years old, toned up and sexy, but that babe will fuck each final drop of liquid out of your body until u are a corn husk on the floor. I think Shane sweeps man puddles out of her room when that babe is done with em. She bonks animal play full speed in insane butt poses for ridiculously lengthy periods of time. The fucksall scene alone goes on for over 13 minutes of intense core bawdy cleft pounding. Your jaw will smack your keyboard and I don't wish to know where your sperm goes. Try and keep up with this chick. I, for one, am happy I had electricity on my side.

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Shane Dos Santos (18337) FuckingMachines

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