Release Year: 2012

Studio: StrictRestraint

Sophia's ordeal starts stocked and bent whilst Bane peruses what is previous to him. Some suction to her zeppelins acquires her flesh good and toasty. And then a adult baby striking on her stripped backside begins the juices flowing…Sophia's marvelous tough, we've had her in our clutches previous to, and she's likewise very vocal. For this reason Bane has kept her gagged and as this guy pushes forward, Sophia drools uncontrollably as that babe is put throughout her paces…Repositioned, she's now widen wide on the Dungeon floor. Her body is clothes-pinned and Bane starts to coat her torso in wax. Now, despite the gag, Sophia's vocal attribute start to shine as this babe whines with every spatter of viscous, molten liquid that touches her flesh. Next comes the discipline, which aids in the wax removal. Then Bane does a greater quantity thorough clean up with the flagellate....

StrictRestraint - Feb 07, 2012 - Sophia Jade

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StrictRestraint - Feb 07, 2012 - Sophia Jade

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