Sekt Und Kaviar

05 Feb 2012

Genre: BSDM, Ball punishment, Humiliation, Pissing, Caviar, Smoking
Duration: 1:00:22
Directed by: Herrin Silvia / Alex D
Studio: SM Studio Berlin
Starring: Herrin Silvia
Description: In "Sekt + Kaviar" a juvenile caged wimp will be abused and compulsory to toilet-training. A spiked parachute encases his balls tightly and in severe suffering that guy has to present his behind to Mistress Silvia who sticks her stiletto heel up his butt. He too serves her as a spit bowl and ashtray. Under degrading verbal humiliate this guy is then allowed to kiss and take up with the tongue her Mistress-rosetta. He is compulsory to see her opening anal opening as the caviar is crammed out. Of course this chab has to take up with the tongue her clean very thoroughly. He has to chew and drink the caviar this guy had to collect in a bowl whilst Mistress Silvia fingers his dark hole and stretches it until the bowl is empty and licked clean. Because this chab has obeyed her order that guy is allowed to lie down and have a jack off, whilst Mistress Silvia towers over him and urinates into his throat for refreshment. Finally he's coercive to take up with the tongue his own jism from the sole of her shoe. He's left there humiliated and abased.

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Sekt und Kaviar

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