Release Date: 2012

Welcome to some other installment of the Hogtied feature clip series. These clips are real life dreams of the cuties who appear in the films, played out in a safe and sane environment for your viewing fun. This month's installment is "You Own Me" starring Ariel X with particular co-top Gia DiMarco. Ariel X is back from a medical leave and pumped to wrestle afresh for Ultimate Surrender. It's been not quite 6 months, the over-all Champion is back and healthy, willing to take on the hot Gia DiMarco. Right in advance of the match Ariel acquires a disturbing phone call from her agent. Ariel learns the reason that babe has not at any time gotten a Divine Bitches discharge as a master: this babe is likewise valuable. The powers that be animalism Kink have decided since Ariel is helpful and compassionate to recent wrestlers then that babe need to be "soft", not somebody who could be called a Divine Bitch. What transpires next is an affront to wonderful sportsmanship. Ariel X destroys Gia on the mat, to the point where Ariel's actions could be considered criminal. A majority brutal, heinous beat down. It is obvious that babe is trying to physically hurt Gia to prove a selfish point. Gia, being the professional model this babe is, endures until the end when that babe is knocked unconscious by an out of training Ariel. It turns out that Gia is anybody u indeed don't wish to fuck with. Her strict and thorough punishment animalism the feet of Madeline pays off for now it is time for revenge and revenge will be swift and brutal. Gia arranges for Ariel to be "taken out" and when Ariel awakens that babe is physically infirm, tied & gagged. Gia controls Ariel's body, it won't be much longer until that babe controls her mind and sexuality to a level that makes Ariel X a common raunchy villein...

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Ariel X & Gia DiMarco (18118) Hogtied

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