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Clive Barker wrote that the almost all temporary words anybody can utter is, "I love u." Truer words were not ever spoken for Bobbi Starr, who finds out her partner and, the very pretty MOTHER ID LIKE TO FUCK, Roxanne Hall, has been cheating on her. Bobbi turns what looks like an private dinner for 2 into a night of revenge. Restraining Roxanne with zip ties and mummification her torso and marangos topped by vertical nipps with cellophane, Bobbi serves up an appetizer of raunchy electrical play, with 2 sets of clover clamps applied to her feet. A metal cookie plug sparking with electricity unfathomable in Roxanne compels the British blond to cum. Moving to the night's main course, Roxanne's legs are fastened back, her wrists behind her back. Finding herself as a submissive with sticky pads applied to backside, Roxanne's wazoo winks and gapes to Bobbi’s bidding. The events move on with Bobbi taking out her rage on Roxanne with the Samurai. Bobbi acquires her own enjoyment riding Roxanne 's face, outfitted with a sex tool gag that permeates unfathomable into the master. But u can't say that Bobbi isn't fair in the end, and with her fist powerfucking her muff into orgasmic oblivion, this babe makes Roxanne cum another time and anew. Dessert is served with Roxanne in a restraint gag whilst positioned in the doggy position, arse out for invitingly for east access and her tits topped off with rock-hard nipps like black cherries (and wired for electrical stimulation). Bobbi ends the night — and the relationship — fucking Roxanne's worn soaked vagina with an electric acrylic marital-device into one climax to the next.

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Duration: 32:44

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Sams Weekend Continues (Samantha)

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