The potential trainees arrive the evening previous to the discharge and are numbered. Taking away their is the 1st step in breaking em down and rebuilding em the way we wish em to be. They are caged and left overnight with concerned anticipation of what the following day holds for em.

Morning comes and they are awaken and brought to me for selection. There are a not many that stand out right from the begin, and they are made an sample of for the rest to watch. With seven angels petitioning, we have to eliminate the weak as in a short time as they show signs of it. We are solely looking for the dom of the for our bondman enforcement.

We then test em on pang endurance using sadistic teat soreness with clover clamps and excessive weight. We are now down to four angels and they are all placed on sybians for agonorgasmos denial drill. The competitiveness betwixt all of em is astonishing to see.

We finish the day with exhausting exercising to watch who has the determination to poke themselves the hardest for the spot as the fresh trainee. It comes down to 2 and the decision is made for our fresh trainee, and the other is sent away.

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The Training Of O Jan 20, 2012 - Maestro Stefanos, Pixie , Melanie Lucci (PICS, HD)

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