Kym Kenyen, Isabella Belden, and Amy Ann are all local glamorous juvenile honeys who think being tightly fastened up with lots of harness and thoroughly and effectively gagged and then left to squirm and struggle to watch if they can discover a way out of their restraint bondage is a lot of.......FUN! In those scenarios every youthful lady is animalism home or has just come home to surprise an intruder. In every scene our charming youthful ladies discover themselves absolutely naked and fastened and gagged (gagged on camera almost any of the time) then left to fend for themselves. What makes this clip different is the ladies move from one room to another.......using natural lighting and allowing the ladies to move wherever they desire, however they can, opening drawers with their feet in search of a knife or searching for a phone, scooching on their abdomen or on their sides, squirming rough to make any progress to acquire anywhere, in search of everything that may assist em escape their restraint bondage this movie scene breaks away from the traditional "sets" and captures the entire thing going down in natural lighting. You will watch em re-acting normally to their captivity doing all they can to "Escape"........a realistic tying scenario using real babes in "real tying"

Duration : 01:58:45
Resolution : 720x480
Video : RealVideo 4 (RealVideo 4), 636 Kbps, 29.000 fps

File size: 599.5 MB

DWN-16 Nude Escape Attempts

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