Release Date: 7 December 2011

As i've told previous to, Sybill is a valuable wine... a mellow youthful woman... an experienced bottom... anybody who is always ready to exercise her submission and her endurance... this babe is just a finely seasoned uncomplaining... which allows me to exercise some of my greater amount devious plots, knowing that Sybil will give it her all where other models will not... this babe starts fastened and nude... I go into to collar and gag her... even seasoned subs acquire nervous when they know the inevitability of thier drama... seasoned or not, everybody has restrictions and Sybil knows that I'll be poking hers... Once I receive her gagged, I lay my hands all over her bountiful body... I work her butt and love melons with my floggers... an anal hook bound off to her collar and pegs around every animal are all the remain previous to I use my tails on her booty... I rig Sybil into a half bent position with her billibongs smashed... I plug her a-hole then add clamps and weights to her preasurized nipps... she's mine for the taking as I start working her love button with the sex toy... fucking her butt with the plug... I work her practically into a frenzy but deny her an agonorgasmos... I add the goat milkers to her nipps and give it some other try... it doesnt take Sybill lengthy in advance of that babe' cumming and screaming and beneath my control... I lay sybil out on a rack and widen her out... her butt rests on a piece of copper plate... I gag her and acquire to work... 1st, I electrify the plate, forcing her to raise her a-hole off the ground... joyous... eventually, every haunch, every breast, her tummy and her vagina are all below intensive shock... I turn the dials to receive what I wish... which is making a spectacle of her fastened and feeble body... then I add the sex tool... I give her much time, but apparently I move at the wrong pont of time... I chastise myself by turning up all the TENS gear until that babe is begging for compassion... I actually should know more excellent... In the last predicament of the day, her hands are bound and pulled in front and I raise her rear leg off the floor, arching her back... her other foot remains on an electrified pedestal... Sybil is so worn out, this babe can barely manage to pull herself off the pedestal as I increase the current throughout her leg... I bind her love melons with twine and say goodbye with my dragon's tails... an fantastic day with an incredible player.

Genre: BDSM, Hardcore, Extreme, Bondage, Spanking, Domination
Studio: SocietySM/DungeonCorp
Duration: 00:49:28
Starring: Sybil Hawthorne

Quality: SiteRip
Format: MPEG
Video: 1280*720, 29.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 128 kbps

File size: 548.2 MB

Pushing Sybil (7 Dec 2011) SocietySM

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