Sweet Cheyenne arrives on Jay Edwards' doorstep, new from her diminutive hometown and looking for a room to rent. Naпve to the ways of the large town, the dark-haired girl doesn't realize how dangerous it can be to tell a stranger that no one else knows your whereabouts. Quick as can be, Jay has his recent captive locked up in the closet, shouting to be let out! Let her out this guy does, but solely so this chab can tightly bind and gag her. Cheyenne's large town adventure is solely starting! As the day progresses, Jay puts her throughout many rigorous bondages, allowing her to wear merely skimpy bits of underware and high heels. Her consummate teats are pinched and clamped, giant ballgags are coercive into her face hole, she's whipped passionately and in one awesome scene her crotchrope is heavily weighted by a cinder block. Looks like her move to the large town is going to be a little greater quantity than this babe bargained for and she's not going back home! After the story we are treated to 3 scenes of breathtaking Eve tied in dark leather. She likes the helplessness of upside-down suspension so Jay obliges her twice (yes!) then thongs her up into an excruciatingly taut elbows-together ball-tie made even greater quantity confining by a very hawt harness/panel-gag.

Genre: Bondage
Duration: 1:30:52
Directed by: Jay Edwards
Studio: Bond Group Ltd
Cast: Cheyenne, Eve Ellis

File size: 296.3 MB

Jay  Edwards .  Big  City  Bound

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