Long, leggy Layla is on the move! Wearing a skintight blue mini-dress, high heels, lots of rope and a obese white ballgag, the beautiful dark brown hops out into the hallway, then squirms all the way down a entire fight of stairs and hops to front door. This lady desires OUT, but that's just also bad. Her bondage-weary hands fumble uselessly with the doorknob, frustrating her so badly that that babe doesn't even notice her captor when that guy walks up behind her. Tossing his lithe prisoner over his shoulder, Jay carries her back up the stairs, then makes her pay for her little escape attempt with a body straining bent-forward position. When next we discover Layla, she's been re-dressed in hawt bottomless underware with nylons, heels and gloves. Bound kneeling backward on the girlie-go-round, her soft whimpers turn to squeals when Jay places rod-mounted vids on her teats. He attaches a rubber phallus to a short post in front of her face and removes her gag so this babe can worship it. "That's naaaaasty!" that babe whines, clamping her lips shut tightly. Looks like this filly need to be broken and Jay's just the lad to do it. On and on Layla's trials go: she's naked naked, bent, twisted, clothed up in greater quantity underware, stretched, pulled, strappado'd and post-tied. Her booty is whipped, her nipps are crushed and she's kept locked in a wooden deprivation box. Sound harsh? Yep! And when that rubber phallus is placed back in front of her face, we acquire to watch just how successful her training has been! Rounding out the program are 3 scenes of yet some other newcomer to the Edwards stable, Shay Lynn! Sexy and tiny, Shay's a former gymnast with elbow flexibility just made for Jay's hard-roping style!

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Jay Edwards - No Way Out DVDRip

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