In a steamy discharge, kali goes the distance with PD as she's fastened in harsh poses and kicked,
shocked, smothered, choked, and drilled in 3 holes.
Bent in half with her hips lashed to her thumbs, Mr. Pogo copulates her foamy.
She's vibrated, screwed and whipped, shooting Mr. Pogo out her pussy.
In a torturous hogtie, she's whacked with a fly swatter and vibrated another time. kali supplicates to come, but PD denies her.
So when that babe lastly comes, kali roars like a whore in heat.
Now her arsehole sucks Mr. Pogo deeper and deeper inside. PD vibrates her sated cookie.
She comes suddenly, trembling, her arsehole opening and closing with every breath.

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Hard Tied - Kali Kane - September 24, 2008

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