He hustles annarose into the barn by the rope around her neck, her ankles manacled, wrists fastened, her eyes overspread and face hole stuffed. He cinches her neck to a post then shocks her. You don't engulf a lot of shlong? this chab says. I'm a lousy cocksmoker, that babe says. As that guy shocks her, fondles her, shocks, fondles, that guy says, tell me all the holes I can fuck. He pushes Mr. Pogo unfathomable into her mouth, choking her at the same time. He canes, punches, and slaps anna. PD jabs an inflatable marital-device up her snatch, pumping it large. When the fake penis touches her teat, her fur pie discharges out the fake penis. PD puts it back. The vagina discharges it out anew! So PD makes sure it won't come out. annarose comes avid hard, begging to pee. But that babe can't with that plump thing inside her. Once it's gone, annarose drenches the floor.

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Hard Tied - Anna Rose (Part1) - May 21, 2008

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