Date: 5 October 2011

Lizzy London looks tossed in advance of we even begin this set. That's cuz she's a vigour abode of orgasms and after her 1st discharge - which u can watch on the web resource by searching for Lizzy - that babe is still hungry and feisty so instead of letting her go home and awaiting until this babe can come back, we just go for round 2! The machines take each final bit that Lizzy has in her. She squirts, this babe crawls fastened up on the floor betwixt machines getting drilled in bondage and cumming over and over. Every ounce of her libido is machine drilled out of her and the whole set - the machines, the floor, the workout benches, the rods and even the crew are left spent and tossed in the wake of Lizzy London. We can't await to receive her back.

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Lizzy London (14696) FuckingMachines

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