Many catching stories of not merely spanking genre begins like that. This sentence itself arouses audiences interest in the episode, with the expectation of a gripping or romantic experience. They make themselves comfortable and their imagination begins working at full speed. After all, lengthy darksome corridors of the palaces could be a place where many strange things could happen...

And do u know what? The fresh video by Lupus Pictures starts in the same way. Well sufficiently:

In the gloomy corners of a medieval castle...

We meet many strange people. Odd fate and odd morals, a mysterious and enigmatic lady of the abode with bloody obscure history...

Her 2 nice-looking juvenile daughters...

And a lively maid...

And lastly a actually wierd cousin...

The 1st collision in a gloomy chamber proves that we did not appear in a common household. And when we then have an opportunity to look into the ladys mind, we realize that the story will be black and mysterious. Neither the maid deals with the daughters according to generally acknowledged clichs. When this babe comes to wake the angels up, whilst theyre sleeping in their laced nightgowns in airy blankets, we learn her interest in the juvenile ladies stripped bodies is far beyond normal.

Also family breakfast tell us many things of all it is participants. Our suspicion becomes real.

And then cousin Armando arrives, and the narrative speeds up. It is still a spanking movie scene, and we can tell that one as well as the other the juvenile ladies, and lastly too the maid will be spanked.

The former 2 will experience a proper whipping post. They are too put in the stock, and their nude bottoms lie at the lenience of Armandos hands. The 1st hotty has to suffer harsh whipping with a leather whip; the other one is beaten darksome and blue with a cane. The dick is likewise used on the maid, whose beating appears to be to be endless that babe will acquire fair 100 strokes.

Besides whipping, one of the daughters is too punished with a new ginger root rammed into her chocolate hole.

No wonder u ask how all this can happen in one clip. Do we witness a historical story, or have we moved to the present time? How the members of medieval family go throughout their history? Do the harsh physical punishments give the juvenile ladies some lesson, or are they simply their suffering? You will discover all the answers in the clip Love Hurts by Lupus Pictures company. Make yourselves comfortable, and do not be surprise...

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Lupus pictures: LP-60 Love Hurts

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Lupus pictures: LP-60 Love Hurts

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