It is clear from her interview that babe is here for the entire deal. Here in spite of the fact we don?t do many things that babe cant live without, after all, that babe is queer by her own admission. So to begin things off JR has exposed her down to her birthday dress. Afterward, this chab placed a couple of stiletto heels on her, smth that babe would not at any time personally wear (or ever has) ?then taped em on her feet. After putting a constricted leather collar around her neck this guy fastened one arm behind her back and the other in front, the one and the other arms useless to her. He too thonged one of her legs back upon itself. A constricted crotch rope, connected to the wrist in the front of her, insures this babe will not be using that arm for everything lest this babe forget the discomfort doing so causes. She looks down at it whilst that babe waits, but then JR?s boots can be heard approaching. She nervously looks over at him as this guy sits down on a stool right next to her. She had said him her nipps...

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IntoTheAttic - Lina Posted Jul 28, 2011 HD

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