This is part 2 of a very sexy 3 part movie scene with a great deal of act and energy. Mistress Liliane Hunt and SubMissAnn have known every other for years but have not at any time played. The spanking bench happens to belong to Mistress Liliane and has been on loan to SBI. Like majority gear it needed greater quantity bondage so I added a small in number supplementary thongs. The of having a bottom present and hold still for a proper caning is a worthy scene, but here at Serious Bondage that just doesn't appear to be quite right. This 1st part shows the extent we went to hold this round firm bottom still. Mistress Liliane is very skilled and experienced in the use of impact toys particularly the cane. This interaction shows how it's done. Pay very close attention for this is an advanced tutorial as to how a proper impact scene is done.
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Mistress Liliane Hunt SubMissAnn Spanking Bench Part 2 (2011)

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