This movie highlights our continued research into fiberglass head casting. This time Nurse Ivy from MedicalT0ys (in red) was our test subject. As u will watch, our crack medical team pulled out all the stops and absolutely overspread her head with fiberglass, leaving merely a hardly any hoses as her means of breathing and communicating with the outside world. As that babe submerged into her isolated state the hoses provided us with a way to check on her emotional stability.
Our team clothed in hospital garb previous to the casting operation started, which gave us a twisted sense of confidence that we really knew what we were doing. The truth be said, we were flying by the seat of our panties and the merely thing for sure was that we had exactly 3 minutes to apply the fiberglass one time the packages were opened and the fiberglass was naked to the air.
In this movie scene u will feel Nurse Ivy's sensory deprivation experience building as we apply layer after layer of the casting material around her head. Clearly, this is the stuff nightmares are made of!
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Fiberglass Casting Nurse Ivy (2011)

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