The second part of this episode is the actual fiberglass casting. We had a great time in this movie scene of learning greater quantity about fiberglass and what fresh perverted things we can do to people with it. Ser1ous Bondage one time anew visits Med1cal Toys in Northern California for some enjoyment shooting in their very well equipped medical room. We took along our crew and hooked up with a hardly any of the perverted locals. Twisted Clin1c supplied the medical wardrobe and our own tired twisted minds adlibbed the rest. The Fiberglass bondage is very unparalleled and rather expensive. We put our most excellent people on it to come up with the almost all maddest bondage yet. Poppy was a very stressed out patient and our crew of pseudo medical professionals did their most excellent to immobilize and calm our unruly patient. The possess is easy, put her in a strait jacket supplied by MedicalT0ys and Humane Restra1nts. Wrap her in layers of plastic and cover that with several greater amount layers of quick hardening medical fiberglass. Oh and there is that remote controlled sextoy. Poppy in a short time calms down and we cut her out, yeah cut.
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Fiberglass Casting Gone Wild - Part 2 (2011)

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