Starring: Amanda Wildefyre
Categories: BDSM

This movie scene captures a pont of time with the renowned bitch goddess Amanda Wildefyre. We were visiting Maxcita in Canada, and during our stay Amanda had her subject restrained overnight in a Maxcita Canvas sleepsack in Max's playroom. In the morning I fired up the episode camera and met Amanda and Max in the kitchen as they were having coffee. Amanda took me upstairs to the playroom and showed me her captive who had been blindfolded, cocooned, catheterized, butt-plugged, E-stim'ed, and hydrated for the prior 10 hours. Unbelievable. This is as real as it receives folks.
Amanda and Max are the one and the other into creating serious bondage adventures with all of their specialized gear, but almost any importantly their knowledge of bondage allows em to facilitate exceedingly high levels of restraint and captivity in a safe environment.
If u are looking for a unparalleled and unforgettable bondage experience Amanda Wildefyre can provide u with the most good. Whether u are a beginner or seasoned bondage enthusiast, a visit to Amanda should be on your short list of experiences to chase. Amanda runs a membership web web page Castle Diabolica which highlights many of her interesting sessions. Similarly, if u are looking to purchase top quality bondage gear, Maxcita manufactures some of the almost all unparalleled and inescapable gear on the market. Max too runs a personal web website Dr. Mad Max which highlights his play.
Format: wmv
Resolution: 720x480
Runtime: 13 min.

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Wildfyre Morning at Maxcita (2011)

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