Serious Bondage is a very diminutive operation with solely the 2 of us for the majority part. We have many allies who love the web site and love gear bondage. They assist us extremely with contacts, and hands on bondage. We not long ago met Brianna who has geek skills and some time to kill. She has been helping with marketing part time. However, that babe is just anybody who has an invisible sign on her forehead that says "tie me up." I am distracted sometimes with thonging her in any gear that may fit. It appears to be to always evolve into some beautiful astonishing bondage. This was a short movie with merely a scarcely any images simply cuz it was not a discharge. We just started to tie her up and as the bondage accelerated the camera came out. This was a great deal of enjoyment and I think it shows in this movie. Vertical Stocks were made by The Serious Bondage Institute. Leather thongs, rubber gag, and blindfold are from Mr.S.
Format: wmv
Resolution: 720x480
Runtime: 09 min.

File size: 131.6 MB

Some People Just Need To Be Tied Up (2011)

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