Starring: Mr. S, Darlex
Categories: BDSM

It was cold in San Francisco and the 3 of us were cuddled around sexy drinks to warm up in a local neighborhood diner. We talked about bondage and how much we all loved how it feels. The fact was that 2 of us had been in a great deal of bondage the night previous to and that morning. There are talkers and doers, so we headed back to the abode to do. I dreamed up a little scenario and located the gear and supplies. Our ready model stepped up for soever I had in mind. I started with a Darlex walking sleepsack from Mr. S that fit her quite well. The upright metal post had been prepared with a cargo blanket overspread with pallet wrap.
I positioned our model on a stool and began to attach her to the post with a second layer of plastic wrap. After this I overspread her with a full layer of duct tape. A sex tool was positioned in a slightly wrong position; a little added frustration is always priceless. I put on a final layer of Mr. S leather belts for some added support. The sextoy got her undivided attention, and eventually I was fine and moved it in a greater quantity effective position.
After a round of rock hard orgasms I removed the stool underneath her feet. She drifted off for a voyage throughout sub space. I too applied a very supportive posture collar and head thong. She told the bondage was very that babe could totally into it. A lengthy stressful day came to an end with a very soothing bondage experience.
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Four Layer Mummification Suspension (2011)

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