Starring: Mummy Ed, Banana
Categories: BDSM

In Part-2 of this 3 part episode Ed proceeds his mummification project by covering his subject ‘Banana' with particular 6-inch military duct tape. This unusual tape works quite well for securing her to our padded mummification rig which is held a hardly any feet off of the floor by iron pipes extending out from the wall. Although the tape is a drab Army green color, it complements Banana's camouflage bikini and too conforms to the hawt curves of her female figure.
Once overspread with the green military tape, Ed applies a last layer of silver duct to Banana in advance of the blocks beneath her feet are removed. Removing the blocks will put the whole weight of her body on the pallet wrap and duct tape and leave her suspended in mid-air in the midst of the room, which will be an unusual website to watch.
Format: wmv
Resolution: 720x480
Runtime: 15 min.

File size: 352.8 MB

Banana Wrap - Part 2 (2011)

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