WDS-4 Thong-Tied

17 Aug 2011

Year : 2004
Country : United States
Genre : BDSM, Bondage, NoSex
Length : 1:22:23
[b]Directed by[/b]: Jon Woods
Studio : Harmony Concepts
Starring : Cassandra Knight, Alexis Taylor, Cleo Nichole and introducing Nikita Lea
Description : Desperate criminals invade Cassandra Knight's personal training studio so they can break into the diamond swap next door. The thieves bind and gag the leotard-clad hotty, give her a warning and leave her to struggle in a back room. Buxom Alexis Taylor arrives for her workout session, solely to be grabbed, fastened and gagged with Cassandra. When Cleo Nichole shows up, the breasty blond is overpowered, gagged and hogtied with the others. Will they be able to free themselves and stop the daring robbery? A have to for all fans of buxom angels tightly cleave-gagged and tied in tights, heels and strap leotards!

The hour-long story is followed by "Nikita's Secret Scenes." The marvelous dark brown talks about her many damsel-in-distress situations from TV and vids, and introduces the bondage scenes that not at any time made the last edits!

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WDS-4 Thong-Tied

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