Welcome Back Cammille! (Star of #198 Pinned and #206 Pinned Again!) We couldn't title this movie Pinned 3 cuz of the excrutiating teat humiliate this babe endures at the hands of Master Rick Savage, starting with the various rope and handcuff restraints and a vviolent tit flogging. In a bone chilling scene, Camille is tied to an office chair as bags of water are bound to her swollen nipps with course twine. When greater quantity water is poured into the bags, greater amount tension is put on the ropes with gravity causing an unbearable degree of ache. In an extraordinary close-up, u can watch her sore teats turn a bright shade of purple, as Rick torments em with ice Finally, Camille is sitting absolutely undressed with clamps connected toa chain hanging from her natural love melons. Master Savage commands her to put the chain in her throat and pull on her own pain-ridden nipps. He then disciplines her with a severe cookie spanking. Come back in a short time, Camille!!!

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Rick Savage - Ultimate Nipple Torment 3 Cammille DVD

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