LP – The Cell

10 Aug 2011

Country: Czech Republic
Genre: bdsm, spanking
Length: 00:15:32
Studio: Lupus Pictures
Description: Dreams are a priceless thing. Dreams are a nice thing with no borders. Dreams are a worthwhile thing with no borders and when a marvelous youthful angel fantasies, her mind creates a fabulous world full of turning points, surprises change for predictable situations, thrilling and gripping stories are becoming true. Who wouldn't like to have a look into a youthful girl's mind? How many times have we dreamt about that we maybe know, what's on her mind, which ways do her thoughts take .... Or maybe we have incarnated into her body and now we're living her own imaginations .... And from the fantasies, there's just a little step to an to transform these imagination to a episode ... And Lupus Pictures has made such film for u. With a consummate main character u can become a part of 3 fantasy worlds. Each of em is different and every of em will adress somebody else. Beside the one main character, all 3 Trinitas 2 stories have smth else in common. This can be described by one sentence: "What do youthful gals fantasy about? And not to blindly buy smth u haven't tasted, we desire to suggest u 3 short tastings. Tasting one: An virginal gal and a strict uncle. Friday evening and many dark points in a diary. A paddle is expecting on the hanger. Nakedness. A painful, lengthy spanking, tears, humiliation ... Tasting 2: Have u ever tried to buy a hotty? Or a mare? Do u like showjumping? Train your pony-girl - with a whip in your hand. And how to show the potential client the most excellent the gal can do ... Tasting 3: There are certain places no one desires to receive to. And what can happen to a youthful hotty, a state criminal, put to a jail jointly with other worldly-wise slutty honeys? What will they do to her? And what she'll be compulsory to do? From the point of Lupus Pictures production, this project could be marked as unparalleled - though having all the popular attributes. What things might the angel experience? So don't hesitate and join us on a way to the world of colourful vivid fantasies, gals' moods and wish ...

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LP - The Cell

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