Goldie is in a strict hogtie. Save for a petite couple of pants that babe is stripped and ball gagged. A big dark sextoy lies behind her. JR comes into the room and tells her to fetch it for him. This babe just now begins to squirm and work her way over to it. After much struggling JR barks at her to hurry up, to grab it and bring it over to him. This chab sits on a miniature stool down across the room from her. That guy is yelling at her to hurry up. After a great deal of effort this babe lastly makes her way to him. This chab orders her to hand him the fake penis when this babe can hardly even hold it herself. It would be far easier for him to just grab it from her but no, this chab craves her to hand it off to him. When this chab receives it in his hands that guy ask her, ?What do u desire me to do with it?? This babe thinks about it a minute and then, throughout her ball gagged face gap, asks him to fuck her with it. That guy jumps up and grabs a couple of scissors and cuts her little pants off. Then this chab folds em outward and lays em down right in front of her face..

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IntoTheAttic - Goldie Posted Jul 21, 2011 HD

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