Description: Welcome to one more installment of the Hogtied feature episode series. Those movie scenes are real life dreams of the beauties who appear in the films, played out in a safe and sane environment for your viewing joy. This months installment is "Cemetery Heights" starring Jaelyn Fox.
Up on a hill in a tiny, sleepy college city is an institute for the sexually eager. Cemetery Heights has been serving the state for years housing the almost all crazed raunchy deviant people the state of California has ever seen.
No one knows the horrible secrets of Cemetery Heights, due to budget cuts oversight has grown lax. Almost any people do not care, theyre glad that there are Doctors ready to work in such an environment, keeping the public safe from the sexually perverse. Little do they realize the Doctors have their own agenda, an agenda that supplies an endless supply of pretty, hawt patients.
If u ever wake up and discover yourself a patient of Cemetery Heights, know this facile fact: U will not ever escape, u will be a raunchy villein, a plaything and your family will be the ones who sign the papers to seal your fate. U will become the very thing u fear majority, sexually avid, always needing, always wanting sex, at no time gratified ever ...
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James Deen and Jaelyn Fox - Cemetery Heights

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