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Release: 2002

Impaled on a metallic sextoy, 1016 balances dangerously in a couple of high heels. With her face encased in a metal head cage and voluptuous bazookas almost bursting out of her business dress, that babe stands unbending at attention. Suffering not quite motionlessly, this babe is filled with fear and trepidation. Just as this babe should be.

Languishing in metallic boots and a chastity thong, decoration 411 looks on as 1016 is in natures garb of her office attire. Wearing solely thigh-highs and heels, the buxom blond girl proceeds to stand with legs widen, the sextoy delving unfathomable into her slippery love aperture. PD teases his feeble martyr, playing with her love button then pulling leather tighter and tighter around her neck.

Thonged down to a pipe chair with legs parted, this babe is primed for a game of joy and ache. Assaulted with the cane to her cum-hole and love melons, this babe yelps and wails, begging for PD to change his target. But this guy is alternating his blows against her almost any sensitive areas, then evil spanking her bawdy cleft red. The dildo calms her down, transforming cries into soft, throaty groans.

That babe is then manacled down to a lengthy copper sink, her lithe, firm body stretched and widen with arse arching upwards. A speculum opens her chocolate hole wide for inspection with the sharp point of a wooden kebab stick. A pantyhose is used to squirt water into the open gap. Abased, that babe moans, the enema and watching her own waste drain near head.

One time her insides have been thoroughly cleansed, PD soaks her golden skin, lathers it with soap, and scrubs her roughly with a stiff-bristled brush. Rinsed clean, that babe is flipped over onto her back, spread-eagled, and manacled down.

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Duration: 00:27:45

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Insex - Scrubbed

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