b]Year of manufacture:[/b]2011
Genre: BDSM, Equipment, Sensory Deprivation, Electroplay
Duration: 00:16:06
In roles: JG-Leathers, Kilo, and the Creature
Description: On this unparalleled 40-minute movie session of the illustrious personality in world BDSM JG, Kilogram and device models the Creature is embodied. This device - a complex of various devices which subject the subject to various kinds of stimulation. The combination of vacuum stimulation of a breast, electric stimulation of a breast and genitals, suspension on a spring suspension bracket, fixation of finitenesses, the breath control, partial touch creates a unparalleled bouquet of sensations. Absolute feebleness adds sharpnesses.
This device has appeared for the 1st time about 20 years agone and is constantly modernised. A constant place - in the abode almost any JG Whine Cellar where the set of stimulators is much wider. The film - the 1st full session the Creature from JG-Leathers consists of 3 parts of the general lasting 40 minutes

File size: 243.3 MB

JG-Leathers, Kilo, and the Creature Part-1

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