Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Hardcore, Domination

Description: Live Show Mondays brings u part FIRST of FOURTH of the February live show that featured Rain DeGrey, Felony and hawt co-tops Princess Donna and Isis Love. ORGASMAGEDDON is here.
This is part one of ORGASMAGEDDON. When we did smth like this final year with just Rain, Howard Stern spent about a week on and off talking about it, and well this chab should have, it was not smth u watch everyday, or ever for that matter. Now we have added Felony to the mix, and plan on making those 2 beauties come beyond what any sane person has ever done in their lifetime. We will make those beauties cum until they either pass out, or become un-responsive, a shell or zombie if u like. We will make em come until what ever the human body does protectively or defensively to stop a person from being orgasmed to death.
In this installment, the beauties prepare and talk to the members, telling em their fears and dreams about what is about to happen. Then we tie the cuties in such a way that, during the madness that will consume their brains, their struggling will not injure em in any way. Then we set off teasing em, not letting em come, gorgeous and intensive big o DENIAL for the 1st 15 minutes. The cuties are begging, pleading to cum, little do they realize what they are indeed asking for. The 1st orgasms by one as well as the other beauties are so intensive, one as well as the other cuties screaming, thrashing and squirting. This is just the 1st, we will MAKE those beauties cum over and over for the next 45 minutes. Hell has just started for those angels, a fascinating pretty Hell to be sure ..
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Princess Donna Dolore, Isis Love

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