Production year : 2009
Genre : BDSM, Device Bondage, Domination, Canning, Torment, Spanking, Hummulation, Compulsory oral-service, Anal, Toys, Gag, Plug
Length : 38 min ( Awesome movie scene! )
Studio : Insex and bondage legend PD
Description : kali's discharges at IR have always been coarse, but this one raises the bar as PD gives kali exactly what that babe asked for - poke the restrictions.

She's bent over with her head, wrists, and ankles locked in stocks. A wooden dildo/metal pipe permeates her slit. After some face flogging, a cuff tightens around the base of every of her bra buddies. They're weighed down with a enormous iron ball. Her love bubbles are caned. Strings of drool ooze to the floor as that babe screams and struggles. When she's vibrated to big o, her eyes are totally zoned. PD suggests her a daybed. Is it comfortable? this babe says...

A metal band around her waist squeezes her belly flat to the uncomfortable metal sofa. That guy beats her with a paddle and a cane until she's sobbing. Now his large hand slides into her snatch up to the knuckles as this chab proceeds to cane her.

A wooden cram squashes her scoops. kali's handcuffed into a sitting position with the garrote at her mouth. As a cane whips away at her, that babe screams and cries, overwrought. A skinny Mr. Pogo slips deeply into her arse. She's vibrated, choked, and caned simultaneously - until this babe comes, shuddering.

Movie Quality : CamRip
Episode Format : RealMedia (RM)
Clip : RealVideo FOURTH 640x480 (4:3) 15.000 fps 350 Kbps / RealVideo FOURTH 852x488 (16:9) 15.000 fps 680 Kbps
Audio : Cooker 44.1 KHz ASS TO MOUTH channels 96.5 Kbps
Size : 204.3 Mb

Click on the screen they will open :

CRYBABY featuring Kali!

File size: 204.3 MB

CRYBABY featuring Kali!

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