Production year : 2009
Genre : BDSM, Device Bondage, Domination, Canning, Castigation, Spanking, Hummulation, Coercive oral job, Anal, Toys, Gag, Plug
Length : 37 min ( Fantastic clip! )
Studio : Insex and bondage legend PD
Description : Her wrists, ankles, and neck are cuffed to a dentist chair. She's semi-reclined - a comfortable position. In advance of the discharge is over, sybil's wracked with pang. Even a whipping is preferable to what PD dishes out. His specialty. Bondage as agony.

The bit of the fresh metal head harness makes her gag over and over. It wrenches the ribs, the chest, the organs of the body. Then PD indulges in a little waterboarding. It's just terror. No thing horrible. Not yet. When this chab vibrates her that babe comes like an brute, thrusting her fur pie upward, like this babe could eat his arm with her wet crack. It's just one more PD trick, these orgasms. The doorway to Hell.

It's an angst machine. A body breaker. This guy uses bilbos to fold her body. No thing is soft. No thing forgiving. And this babe gags repeatedly from the metal piece in her face hole. Drool runs down her chin like anybody turned on a faucet. When this chab canes her, it's a Coz now it's ideal - her misery.

Locked onto a cross with the vigour of her weight bearing down on a sharp edge, she's undone. But this time PD has no leniency. Do u crave to go back in the bilbos? this chab says. This babe sobs. When this chab whips her, this babe roars with pang. And when that babe comes, that babe roars with the same beast roar like she's busting out, exploding into some fresh creature made of no thing but devastation and crave. This babe thanks him in her subservient sybil voice, cuz, this babe probably thinks - now it's over. But PD has other plans. A half hour on the cross, that guy says.

The going price for agonorgasmos?

Movie Quality : CamRip
Clip Format : RealMedia (RM)
Movie scene : RealVideo FOURTH 640x480 (4:3) 15.000 fps 350 Kbps / RealVideo FOURTH 852x488 (16:9) 15.000 fps 680 Kbps
Audio : Cooker 44.1 KHz ASS TO MOUTH channels 96.5 Kbps
Size : 196.1 Mb

Click on the screen they will open :

CREAMY CUNT (PART ONE) Featuring sybil!

File size: 196.1 MB

CREAMY CUNT (PART ONE) Featuring sybil!

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