Year of manufacture: 2009
Genre: BDSM (spanking, cane, humiliation, castigation
Duration: 00:57:38
In roles: terorists
Description: This story is based on the facts of a real tragedy, which took place in 2007 in Moscow with the family of a Siberian magnate. His daughter and her ally were kidnapped in the daytime. One as well as the other angels were taken to an apartment on the outskirts of Moscow and were coercive to strip in front of terrorists--a gang of professional sadist interrogators from the Chechnya Republic. They were then systematically subjected to shameful castigation, consisting of whippings to their nude nude bodies until they acquiesced to call their father to supplicate him to pay a ransom for their Severe beatings left the angels' ravaged to submission.

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Terrorists In Russia

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