Insex – Mistah

22 Jun 2011

Clip + full photoset

Release: 2005

It begins with the image. The one that this chab has to watch over and over. She's handcuffed, hooded, chained to a chair, manacled to the wall in his dingy basement, downstairs, where anything starts, where it has to start - at the bottom. Love melons, nipps, flush of cum-hole. It's clear from that pont of time on that this babe alone can save him.

She's not the image yet, but this chab knows that this babe is the path to the image, and how in the end, it will just ooze from his fingers onto her skin like rope, like tape. Like cum. So it's very early that u watch his strain. And u see him falling forward, toppling. Unfathomable into her snatch.

This babe struggles. That babe calls out. Mistah. Mistah. Maybe this babe knows she's the image. Of course that babe does. That's why she's here. It's why that guy chose her.

We can understand the need for the darkness at the starting, the need for how coarsely that guy copulates her throat. Until your eyes bleed, this guy says.

Her body, a fog in his mind. This chab copulates gazoo and muff. The one and the other at one time. Cuz he's toppling. And she's the single object that is clear, locked in place, porous. And maybe, just maybe he'll fall all the way in.

That guy remakes her, manufactures her shape. Metal stocks on her wrists and neck. Metal stocks on her ankles. Metal bit in her throat. Metal band about her waist. Metal ramrods fucked into her holes. Chains hoist her up on her toes. A metal band seals her cum-hole. But her swollen snatch thrusts throughout, blooming like a rose.

What is that babe to him now? The thing this guy can't stop in himself, that that guy can't unthink. This babe is sharper than a scalpel. A woman learns to flay from the pont of time that babe wakes in the womb. It is why that guy claims her. Why that guy can't live out of her, why that babe owns him, and why he's married to her terror.

This chab lifts her like this, all in metal and drops her into water. Up to the neck, the chin. This chab dunks her. That babe gasps, silent. Not one vowel will that babe give him. Not one hiss. No thing. No thing at all.

Now in his sofa, her body fastened. She's a torso and a head with a noose at the neck. And lastly we watch it. The full image, the one he's remade a thousand times. It is the place of falling forward. That guy straddles her across his haunches, fucking her as that guy hangs her.

They love as Death cant live without, out of care. Leaking as if from a vein.

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Insex - Mistah

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