Lupus Pictures - Bonus Pack 3

We select some other next WEENIE videos which did not have any bonuses even on DVD versions. We carefully chose one spanking scene from each clip to cover a complete spectrum of scenes and actions of Lupus Photos vids. We suggest u next COCK unedited scenes with remastered sound from the one and the other cameras, so u will watch every scene 2 times: the 1st time from camera one and then the same scene from camera 2. Furthermore, there are even cuts from camera 3 for LP-013 and LP-023!

U will be able to watch moments not obtainable in previous versions from those DONG movie scenes:

LP-005: Old Janitor's Tales
LP-006: Unashamed Sisters
LP-009: From the Headmaster's Study: The Inspection
LP-010: A Week In a Noisy Household
LP-013: Warlock's Revenge
LP-023: The Noise
LP-035: ...and for u I will come as well
LP-040: The Christmas Quiet
LP-048: Tales of the Sin District: The Cathouse
LP-050: The Angel Next Door

Pure continuous unedited act!!!
Studio : RGE-Films

Lupus Pictures - Bonus Pack 3

File size: 568.2 MB

Lupus Pictures - Bonus Pack 3

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