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Release: 2001

In the second article in cowgirl's 12-hour endurance series, the tension builds and the torment intensifies.

On her abdomen, cowgirl is manacled to a lengthy copper sink, prepared for an inner and external cleansing. Her flat belly distends as an enema is trickled into her pearly upheld arse. Painfully bloating and cramping, this babe entreats to the fluids. Unable to hold it back any longer, this babe squirts forceful brown streams then wallows in her excrement. PD hoses her off, scrubs her down, and rinses her clean. Cowgirl's lengthy, stretched body quivers with chills.

Dried off, this babe rubs silicone thoroughly over her soft skin and pulls on a full body latex catsuit, complete with transparent mittens and hood. PD forces electric stims into her wazoo and cookie and places 2 pads on her teats. Next a second layer of rubber is added: dark inflatable straightjacket, single leg binder, and transparent inflatable hood. Lastly, a rubber body bag is zipped closed around her and pumped up. Encased thoroughly in the rubber cocoon, shocks alternate betwixt her sensitive areas. Isolated, cowgirl wriggles slightly and cries from within.

With the latex peeled off, her perspired, undressed body is held in stocks around the wrists and waist. A rubber gimp in tall horseshoes trots around her a not many times in advance of thrusting it is shiny ramrod into cowgirl's face hole. It moves to the back, fucking her from behind, then returns to the throat, giving cowgirl a smack of her own twat nectar.

cowgirl has suffered so bravely for so lengthy. But, of course, the worst trials are yet to come!

Genre: BDSM, Bizarre Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism, Castigation, Fetish, Spanking, Rubber

Format: avi

Duration: 01:09:16

Resolution: 320 x 240


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Insex - 12 Hours II

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