Year of manufacture: 2006
Genre: 00:55:26russian, legal age teenager, bdsm, bondage, toys, caning, crying, submission, ache, whip, humiliation, torture, punishment, beating, public
Duration: 00:55:26
In roles: Jerry Gerooshvile, Nina Saley, Ulia Butina, Kalina Sharina, Tonova Taisia
Description: In Russian sports schools, it is quite common for the male coaches to mercilessly and shamelessly whip juvenile angels in front of every other. The beauties are usually whipped on their rear ends in order to shame em.
One of the gals in this peculiar movie scene is punished for drinking during a school tour. That babe was compulsory to undress down in natures garb and beaten to the point of unspeakable ache.

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Discipline In Russia 5 - Sport School

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