Studio Name: Gwen Media
Director: Bob Zak
Stars: Mandi Slade
Categories: Fetish BDSM Femdom All Girl
Released: 01/2004

Description: Part one of this continuing series finds our little blonde submissive, Gwen, all alone in a hotel room with nothing to do. She decides that she will try an escort service to spice up her evening a bit. She doesn't realize what's in store! Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. A mysteriously beautiful woman, wearing a stunning latex outfit stands impatiently, waiting to be let in. As the door closes, she immediately begins to take poor Gwen down a road of bondage and submission that she won't forget anytime soon. An unconscious Gwen lies on the floor while the mysterious woman rifles through Gwen's bag of toys. Satisfied that she has found the right implements, she begins to implement Gwen's ordeal. A new latex hood is laced onto her head. It tightly encases her mouth, rendering her silent. As she is being tied to the chair, she begins to awaken from the anesthesia. The woman begins to lick, pinch and bite Gwen"s exposed nipples. Several bondage scenarios follow, capped by a highly erotic, sexual encounter between the two. Felling that she's had enough, the mysterious woman binds our poor captive to the bed, showers and leaves Gwen to find a way to escape. ...Less

File size: 317.2 MB

Gwen Media- The Perils Of Gwen

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