Pee And Peehole

17 Jan 2011

Pee and peehole
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Perverted pee and peehole games. The fourth womans fucking hole, the peehole. Very sensible and hidden in the pussy. There are some toys available to stretch and tease the peehole, just like this stainless steel vibrating toy here. Just a little pressure and the toy slides inside the urethra and there is this hard to explain feeling, like you must pee very urgently, only a bit the other way around. Not much longer it happens and the golden wet is coming. A perfect kinky feeling, forced to pee, perfect if you love to pee, just like myself. Peeing is like a little xtra orgasm and so Just an awesome kinky feeling, or with something in my peehole or something in my fucking asscunt. This is finally what I like best, here you can see the brutal huge rubberhand in my asscunt and my pee orgasm after it. Of course you can tease a mans peehole and himself with this peehole toy and I will show you this here. So you see that this little toy is good for men and woman for some wonderful bizarre and exiting moments. Enjoy them here. Yours Ina.

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Pee and peehole

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